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Costa Rica is a beautiful country to visit, world famous for its rainforests, beautiful beaches, water sports, and even soccer.

But outside of these tourist destinations are villages full of poverty with shacks for homes built with random pieces wood, tarp, and holes filled rusty metal roofs, and dirt for floors.

Some of them have running water, but many don’t.

Most of these homes are run by single, working mothers with multiple children, trying to get by just to get food on the table.

Growing up these kids don?t have many opportunities available to them…

Outside of public school education.

These kids don’t have any extra-curricular opportunities for music, language, sports, or anything else that can serve their holistic development for the future.


This is where Hero Academy Comes In.

Hero Academy (Dreamlife Alliance) is a nonprofit dedicated to serving the needs of orphans and at-risk children in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

As of 1/17/18, we are located in the town of Taramindo and we are facilitating the development of the community through after-school programs, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lessons and community projects that will provide a long-term benefit for the orphans and at-risk youth. 

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Our mission is the empower the youth in our community through

  • Brazilian Martial Arts
  • Personal Development
  • Movement Education
  • Language Learning
  • Mentorship
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices

We have 70+ youth students at our academy and 5 instructors with a few assistants.

We currently provide around 20 hours of classes of per week.

We have outgrown our space in the 1 year that we have been open and we are looking to expand to a bigger facility which at this point doesn?t exist yet.

We are actually making a difference in the lives of many Kids in Costa Rica!

Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact!

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New York – Mail Address

Dreamlife Alliance, Inc

2560 Stillwell Ave 1A

Brooklyn, NY 11223


Tamarindo – Hero Academy

Calle Palma

300 metros este del Banco Nacional,

Entre Calle Palma y Calle Piedras, Diagonal a Plaza Palmas

Tamarindo, Costa Rica (506) 8850-7375