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On January 27, 2018 we had our second In-House tournament. All kids from the advanced level class participated. With 22 kids and 6 weight categories it was a real success. Our heroes had the chance to show not only how much they had improved, but more importantly, they got the opportunity to figure out their weaknesses in competition, so they could start improving their jiu jitsu practices and succeed in their goals.

Matches were really exciting. The kids really surprised us, giving their best during their matches.

Parents were at the gym supporting their kids, so it was an emotional and energetic day. Everyone was proud of the kids’ improvement and abilities at competition because in order to compete the kids need to have a lot of emotional stability. They need to learn to breathe and stay calm during the competition so panic and anxiety don’t block their ability to perform physically.

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Strong Winners… Stronger Losers

Kids who didn’t win were a bit disappointed at first, but we always make a strong point that by losing you are winning. Not in an “at least you tried way,” but because losing is a great opportunity to see what areas you can improve in and where you need to work harder in order to be better every day and better prepared next time.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament

Why Is it Good For Kids To Compete?

To train kids to compete is an excellent tool for child development. When they learn to win and lose it isn’t only useful in Jiu Jitsu but it is also great to use in different aspects of life which they will have to face in the future. It teaches them to win with humility, be empathetic and hug your opponent, be proud but not feel better than anyone else and also to lose with dignity, learn from your mistakes, improve and be better.

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What’s ?next?

After the tournament they were super excited to keep coming to class and train, to keep getting their Jiu Jitsu strong and learn more.

They are training now for a set of National BJJ Tournaments that are going to be held in San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital, organized by BJJKidsCR Pro League. This is a great opportunity for our heroes to train with kids from different Jiu Jitsu academies, and to¬† experience a National Tournament.

There will be 4 BJJ tournaments during the year. March, June, September and the last BJJ Kids Costa Rica Open 2018 in December. It is our goal to attend all of them!

For many of our kids it is a great opportunity not only because they will be competing against other academies and having a completely new experience, but because many of our kids attending this tournament are living in poverty in Costa Rica and it will be their first time in the city! Imagine most of them live in shack houses with dirt floors. For them to travel with us and stay in the city is a huge deal!

We are very grateful to BJJKidsCR for giving our heroes the opportunity to attend this tournament, they are super excited and they are training with all of their energy.

We will keep you posted on how every tournament goes so you can be a part of the Hero Academy team!

If you would like to sponsor us for these Tournament Trips, you can do it via PayPal to: or through our website at We are accepting donations for the tournament trips to cover transportation to San Jose, meals for the kids, and lodging!!

Brazilian jiujitsu Costa Rica

Happy Heroes