Planning a Retreat?

Need a break from the hustle and bustle?

Looking to get some sun while still getting some great training in?

If you are looking for a place to do a Retreat in Costa Rica… 

BJJ Retreat in Tamarindo with Henry Akins

Henry Akins BJJ Camp June 2018

Hero Academy has got you covered!

You bring your friends and students and we will handle the rest! 

We have a beautiful 3000+ sq ft facility right on the North Pacific Coast of Gaunacaste (1 hour away from Liberia Airport)

The closest Retreat facility to the airport and the beach! 

BJJ Retreat in Costa Rica Brazilian jiu jitsu Retreat in Tamarindo

Our facility is equipped with brand new Zebra Tatami mats as well as Dollamur roll outs! 

We have 2 bathrooms with showers. 

Strength and conditioning equipment. 

And we are only a few minutes walk from the beach! 


Come experience the beautiful nature as well as the incredible training that Costa Rica has to offer!

Send us an email and we will set up everything for you!    [email protected]