Brazilian jiu jitsu is one of the best developmental tools I have ever experienced?

Some liken Brazilian jiu jitsu or BJJ to Chess with the human body and that analogy definitely does not disappoint.

?BJJ is a microcosm to the macrocosm of all of life?
When I train with someone I can usually tell how they live the rest of their life just by feeling how they move??

-Rome Za

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teaches many things that words can?t describe but some of the things that are describable by words are:

? Respect
? Discipline
? Being Humble
? Attention To Detail
? Focus
? Confidence
? Camaraderie
? Sportsmanship
? Friendship
? And so much more internal qualities that are very rare and hard to develop in our current paradigm of culture?

This is not counting all the different levels of fitness, strength, and flexibility that it helps you develop as well?

When I first tried it in 2009 I fell in love? Keep in mind it wasn?t my first experience with martial arts or movement but it was my most powerful and significant?

I started my training in Muay Thai when I was 11 years old, and then progressed into dabbling in boxing until I revisited watching the first UFC in my teens?

Right then and there I knew that grappling was the path for me and I found my first wrestling instructor at 18 years old?

He was a 4x Ukrainian National Champion and his squad of students were filled with National, World, and even 1 Olympic Bronze Medalist.

It was definitely sunk or swim.

It was SUPER FUN to wrestle because it was something I had been doing with my friends basically
my whole life?

Problem was we had no clue what we were doing and these guys were some of the wrestling elite
on the planet? I had to learn fast and learn fast I did?

But at a certain point, I wanted more?

I wanted to compete and in Wrestling there is no place for a 19 year old newbie to compete so I kept searching until I found Brazilian jiu Jitsu and in my first class I fell in LOVE?


Rome Za Training in parents kitchen. Team Kitchen!

A few weeks into training I bought 100 sq ft of mats for my parent’s house and found the toughest and
strongest guys in my neighborhood to test my new skills on and teach my new skills to?

We called ourselves Team Kitchen as we trained in parents kitchen? And they were some of the sweatiest
and intense training sessions that side of Brooklyn has ever seen…


Shortly after I started competing and winning lots of tournaments my training routine became more serious and I was training multiple times a day and supplementing with Strength and conditioning?





Then One day I got injured and my world came crashing down on me?.

I didn?t know what to do?

After a lot of rehab on my injuries, I decided to start teaching?

Just like my competitive jiu Jitsu career blossomed with the passion and attention I put into it?

As did my teaching career?

In the first 6 months we had 35 students and then we moved into our own academy and evolved to 120 students in our first year?

Then one day it all shifted and we decided we wanted to bring our style of?Brazilian jiu Jitsu to Tamarindo?so that we can teach underprivileged kids
and adults some of the qualities I learned while studying this amazing art?

So we packed our bags, kids and moved down to Tamarindo Costa Rica?

It looks some time to get started but after 6 months of running?Hero Academy Costa Rica?we have over 65 students and steadily growing?



It is such a blessing for us to be able to be teaching these kids?Brazilian jiu jitsu in Tamarindo?because most of them would NEVER have the opportunity to learn this
art as the training and uniforms is out of their budgets?

We are just getting started with our mission of serving this incredible community in Costa Rica?

Stay tuned to what we have in store for our growing?Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Tamarindo!

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