Women training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Tamarindo

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as any other martial art, can intimidate many women but It’s definitely a sport every woman should try, especially if you try it at Hero Academy! here are 5 awesome benefits you?ll get when you train BJJ in Tamarindo

1. Women Empowerment

As women, we are often being told what to do and what isn’t proper “as women” to do. Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu makes you feel strong and able to do anything you put in your mind. It’s all about gender equality where you train shoulder by shoulder with either man or women and you are?equals on the mats. You as a woman feel empowered, respected and able to do Anything!

2. You Realize how strong you can be

It feels great when you realize you don’t need to be a big muscled guy to be strong!! While training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you accept your body and you know how strong you could be even if you aren’t that big, knowing how to use your body in the right way, submitting people with your wits and concentration using the right technique without brute force is priceless!

3. Boost Of self-esteem and confidence

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a very intense sport, it can be rough and yeah kind of gross because it is a contact sport, but once you are in you just don’t care!! You aren’t thinking about anything else but to do your best and win the challenge, you might be intimidated but you know you can do it! You know your capacities and you will be confident to take that challenge and more! You will feel how your character becomes stronger and how you know you can trust yourself because you CAN do it.

4. Fitness

It is the perfect sport to shed the fat! As intense as it is you will be shedding pounds in no time, feeling lighter and healthier while learning new abilities as well

5.Self Defense

Pretty obvious? Yes, and hopefully you don’t have to need it, but it feels good walking on the streets as a woman knowing that you can defend yourself.

Women and girls have been training Jiu Jitsu in Tamarindo?at the Hero Academy where we have a mixed and equal genre space where women can feel comfortable, safe and acknowledge their strength.

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