Importance of Healthy Competition in Tamarindo Jiu Jitsu Tournaments

Through sports, individuals can get involved in Competition, which is perfect for someone who wants to achieve personal goals, develop skills and learn to be disciplined.

Last June at Hero Academy, our Martial Arts School in Tamarindo, we held our first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament, kids were excited and we can’t deny how their performance and attitude towards this sport has changed for good.

Children can benefit a lot from healthy competition, instead of being afraid to compete we have to teach our children how to do it in the right way.? Learn why competition is good for children and why we encourage it at our BJJ school in Costa Rica!

1. Learn through Challenges:

Challenges help children to improve their learning skills; when they put themselves in uncomfortable challenging situations their brain has to actually work harder, which leads to better learning. This will not only improve their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu performance but it will improve their performance in everyday situations and also the ability to accept every challenge in life and never quit.



2. Children will enjoy improved self-esteem

It is vital in early development and childhood to develop a good self-esteem, it is extremely important for kids to feel they CAN do whatever they put in their minds, that they can try things and actually succeed, and if they didn’t succeed at least they tried and gave the best of them. We often see adults with huge problems in their daily life because they have this thought in their heads, that they can’t do something. When you know you Can do anything, you grow to be a nonquitter and a successful adult because your self-esteem is high and you don?t have your head filled with insecurities.



3. It promotes respect

It isn’t only about competing, it has to be a healthy competition where we teach children to respect their opponent, to never think whoever loses is less than the winner and to understand everyone is learning and it is OK to lose because losing is an opportunity to learn more and improve yourself. Your opponent deserves respect when he/she wins, and even more when he/she fails because that means they will be upgrading themselves.

4. It promotes goal orientation

The feeling of achieving great things has no price, it is the feeling that we are growing and getting better in whatever we put in our minds.? When children learn to be goal oriented they will achieve success no matter what.


5. Have Fun!!

Most of the children who train BJJ at Hero Academy in Tamarindo had never train BJJ before, they didn?t have a clue what this sport was, and when they realized they could actually compete they were static!! It was so much fun for them! It was their first tournament in their whole life and they all had a blast!

All These benefits are being received by mainly poor kids in the areas around Tamarindo, Join our cause and Give a child who lives in poverty the opportunity to get all these benefits while training.

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