Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is more than a Martial Art its a lifestyle. It teaches people how to defend themselves no matter their size, only using proper technique.

Children get enormous benefits from this practice. The process of learning a technique requires as much mental activity as it does physically.

Most of the children that attend our BJJ classes in Tamarindo have complicated psychological-emotional situations due to domestic violence, verbal and physical abuse and school bullying.

1.Stress Relief

Using all their problems for fuel in BJJ classes is fantastic. They get to leave all the stress on the mats, to channel their anger and frustration into ?sports and an athletic practice instead of carrying it on their shoulder during their daily life.

2. Self Confidence

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the best sport to develop self confidence, to be good at it children don’t rely on anything else but themselves.

They know that they are good because they work for it. BJJ has a ranking belt system that gives children a sense of accomplishment that comes from reaching goals. When they reach their goals and see they are good at something, they start feeling proud of themselves and their self-esteem rises up!

Thats why we created our program for Brazilian jiu jitsu in Tamarindo.

3. Concentration

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?s learning process is perfect to improve concentration.

The learning process requires that the child stays focus and pay attention on how a technique works and how to do it. Then the child has to execute the technique against an opponent. They practice their concentration every day to learn that new technique and to use it correctly during their training.

4. Health and Fitness

Childhood obesity is a global epidemic. With BJJ you start sweating and moving as soon as you walk in up until the last minute of class. Every child receives a complete workout from BJJ, they develop their muscles and the strength their cardiovascular system


5. Better Social Life

All ?the children that train together in our academy?are equal and they know it. They are friends and support each other, they lean on each other to learn and they develop a strong bond just like a family. They feel they have people they can trust and feel supported in every circumstance of their life.


Through our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program In Tamarindo we created a family no matter where your roots are from!?

6. Problem Solving Skills

Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a physical chess. Every time children train they are faced with new problems and situations and have to think on the right technique to solve it. ?It Provides our kids with Mental training and conditioning that prepares them for problems outside the academy when they are not training BJJ in Tamarindo!

7. Building Character

Life ain?t easy specially when you are becoming a teenager, there will be bullies and different problems to face.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has?the ability to build character through learning how to overcome challenges faced on the mat and that will go with the child to any circumstance outside the mat as well.

8. Learn to Lose

Dealing with defeat teaches kids to be humble, they learn through BJJ that when they ?lose is just another way to learn and they feel supported by their team and coaches every time.

Losing is learning and we make sure to teach out kids this during EVERY class when they are training Jiu Jitsu in Costa Rica

9. Keeps them occupied with something positive

Most of our students come for problematic families, a society where they don’t have anything positive to do after school. They have two options: to ?stay home in front of a tv learning nothing or ?be outside getting themselves in trouble.

When children are passionate about a sport they get less chances to be influenced by alcohol, drugs and a bad life. They feel related with their BJJ friends who will encourage them to stay out of trouble.

10. It?s lots of Fun

At our ?Hero Academy in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Children always learn while having fun. We develop games that train their minds and bodies and?help them become better at BJ, makes them laugh and feel extremely happy.


Unprivileged children in Guanacaste usually don’t get to train any sport because their parents don’t have the money to pay for classes and equipment.
We are here in Costa Rica to change that!
We are making it possible for many poor kids to train BJJ.
We are giving them the opportunity to do activities after school rather than get in trouble.

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