Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu In Tamarindo


To train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Costa Rica at Hero Academy you shall take heed of our 10 commandments!

10. Not celebrate after a training partner taps

At Hero Academy we are more than a team, we are family!? We train together to learn from each other. We have some kids rivalries in the past, we have taught them that when we train we are all the same family, and we are here to learn together.

9. Wash your Gi after every Class

Be clean!! Washing your Gi is a show of respect to the sport, yourself and your team mates

8. You shall show your heart and not give up when you are in a tough spot

Try your best! Aim for the tough positions while training, those are the moments that will prepare you for the future

7. But at the same time, don?t be afraid to tap, do it early and often

The goal when we train is to learn, we have some hard headed kids that won’t tap in time, they are all about showing off and pretending to be strong, remember when we train we are learning,

?we have to let our training partner know that he/she is doing the?

technique right. It?s all about learning not injuring yourself

6. Nails clipped and clean feet, shower before and after training !!

This is a contact sport, we try to submit the opponent with BJJ techniques not by digging your claws on him/her !! Respect your partners by being as clean as possible, you will be practically sharing sweat so being clean is a BIG MUST

5. No shoes on the Mat

We try to keep the mat as clean as possible to prevent any unwanted germs

4. Don?t be a Mat bully

There is always going to be someone that is stronger and bigger than you so, love your partners, help them to learn, know your abilities and your limits as well.

3. Keep off the mat when sick

It?s alright if you aren’t feeling at your best, stay out of the mats to prevent you getting worse and spreading it t your training partners

2. Listen and Learn from the Instructors

Our instructors are here to help you, to teach you and take you by the hand on the road they already walked, be focus so you can learn, be silent when they are speaking, it is the only way to learn

1. Grow a beard, ha! Not really, just have fun, smile be light and respect everyone



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