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Last month we had a new student, he is 8 years old and the idea of training BJJ terrified him, he was crying and shaking, we told him to relax, sit and just watch the class and then after the class decide if he wanted to come back.

He cleaned his tears with his hand and sat down in a corner to watch the class.

What are you so scared of? I asked him, he said, “I?m worried someone will make my face bleed” , I hugged him and explained how this sport really works, the discipline, the techniques, how he would have to use his mind not physical strength against others.

He was relieved.

After 30 minutes he was asking if he could take part in the class, he had so much fun and now he doesn’t miss a class!

At our BJJ classes in Costa Rica

It is hard to deal with children who have the wrong idea about what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is. Some of our students are victims of domestic violence, they will be either eager to go in the mats and let all their frustrations on it or some will be afraid of any physical contact and the possibility of being hurt by others.

Most of them come from a community filled with poverty and empty of knowledge where only soccer is the acceptable sport for boys, and not even talk about sports for girls because that is just unacceptable, especially?martial arts.


There are many myths about what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu really is, there is a lack of knowledge in our community, many adults and kids believe it?s a violent nonsense sport without realizing what it really is about and the multiple benefits it has.

It is a challenge, but we want to educate our community through our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu lessons in Costa Rica, share this amazing sport with them, we encourage adults and kids to come out from their comfort zone, stop making ideas in their heads about what it might be and actually come and train at our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Costa Rica – Hero Academy.

First class is free and they can come and experience for themselves how much fun training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Tamarindo really is in a safe?environment and with experienced instructors !!


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