Guanacaste, Costa Rica faces the highest rate of unemployment in the country. With a total percentage of 10.1% it is devastatingly one of the poorest areas in Costa Rica. A big part of its population lives in ABSOLUTE POVERTY.

Unprivileged children in Guanacaste usually do not get to train any sport because their parents do not have the money to pay for classes and equipment. At the moment, the youth of our community lacks a sports center for entertainment and to facilitate after-school programs and  practice sports


Our Heroes

How are we helping?

At our JiuJitsu classes, we have children with behavioral problems, victims of domestic violence who are living in extreme poverty and facing many youth problems.

We focus on empowering children and at-risk youth through Brazilian JiuJitsu lesson and community projects that will provide a long-term benefit for the children and at-risk youth.

  • By making possible for many poor kids to train BJJ, we are helping them to build character, teaching them about teamwork, promoting social inclusion, where children from all different economic and social backgrounds train together as a family and giving them the opportunity to do activities after school rather than get in trouble.
  • With our program, we help them to improve the quality of their lives. We teach them to meditate, breathe and stay calm, so they not only get healthy bodies but also and more importantly healthy minds.
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps them to increase their self-confidence, and improve their concentration. This sport gives them mental strength to keep pushing even when things are not going their way, this teaches them how to handle things in other areas of their lives outside of the gym.
BJJ IN Costa Rica

BJJ Classes

Trough The Hero Academy we aim to improve thousands of children?s lives , we aim for woman empowerment in our community, by opening NEW opportunities for them; facilitating the practice of a sport they never thought it was possible to learn because they don?t have the means to pay for it; teaching them how to lead a healthy lifestyle where both their mind and body are strong; showing them that EVERYTHING is possible to achieve if they really want it. That life has infinite of good things to offer them and that it is possible to keep dreaming for more because they DESERVE IT.

One of our children said to us:

?I Finally Feel I?m Good At Something?. Angie, 8 years old.

And that is all the reward we need. To see the results of our work on the kids, to know that the 40 kids attending our program have been experiencing real changes in their lives, they are more confident, they have hope for a better future and they see BJJ as a new tool to improve their life.

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